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Do you know your learning style? Our exclusive assessment can help you determine the best way for you to learn. By understanding your learning style, you will be able to develop strategies that will enhance your learning potential. Your predominant learning style is the way in which you prefer to learn, process, and store information. All students learn through visual, auditory, and tactile means, however, everyone has a predominant learning style with which they learn most efficiently.

There are three primary types of learning styles:

  • Visual- You learn best through SEEING. You learn best by reading, watching a demonstration, and looking at graphics and illustrations.

  • Auditory- You learn best through HEARING. You learn best by hearing lectures, having information verbally repeated, and having information read to you.

  • Tactile- You learn best through TOUCH. You learn best by using hands on manipulatives, moving while learning, and experiencing the learning through action.

MyStudyStyle® provides a quick and easy way of assessing your predominant learning style. There is no right or wrong learning style. Your learning style is not related to intelligence. The main purpose of this assessment is to provide you and your Omega Learning® Center tutor with initial insight to most efficiently launch your tutoring program with the most effective teaching strategies.

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